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Personality-based Life Coaching

The Gatherers

It’s not that Gatherers are the self-ordained sentinels of society, as much as they are society. Civilization, as we know it, would not exist without the consistent, practical, organized strength of Stags, Beavers, Elephants, and Bears.

Past descriptions of the quadrant have not been particularly glamorous; being told that you have a natural talent for managing goods and services doesn’t exactly move the needle. And when told of their prevalence in society, some Gatherers choose--perhaps subconsciously--to identify with other, rarer types –-as if scarcity were synonymous with quality when it comes to individual makeup. This need to feel “special” is unfortunate, for it distracts from the very thing that makes Gatherers so special to begin with: the ability to provide order and comfort in a world that seems to be increasingly bent on chaos.

The Stag

Forceful, yet disciplined; aggressive, yet deferential to established authority; Stags are so influential and vital to the establishment of our society that they are often looked upon as the quintessential Gatherer. More than any of their Gatherer siblings, Stags embody the idea of community, teamwork, and order. More practical than the soft hearted Elephants and Bears, and given more to supervising than the auditing Beavers, Stags are natural leaders who believe they have a responsibility to ensure that every individual is on the same page when it comes to reaching a common objective; one that will benefit society in a practical way.


The Beaver

Low-maintenance and industrious, Beavers are the quiet backbone of most, if not all, institutions. Similar to their Gatherer siblings, the supervising Stags, Beavers prioritize duty above all things, whether it is in their role as a parent, a boss, an employee, student body treasurer, or any position with even a modicum of responsibility. However, unlike the Stags, who take it upon themselves to command the group towards a common objective, Beavers assume the role of inspector general, guardian to all of the rules and regulations that society is built upon.

The Elephant

Rivaling the Peacock for the title of “The Most Outgoing Type”, Elephants are well known for their warmth, chattiness, and generosity. Unlike the Peacocks, who are socially aggressive to the point of brazenness, Elephants exude an easygoing friendliness, an air of social comfort that automatically enables those around them to feel comfortable. On a grander scale, the collective work of Elephants helps create the social structure that our civilizations are centered around.


The Bear

On the outside, the quiet, shy Bears have a strong resemblance to the gentle Butterflies. However, whereas the Butterflies’ “never say no” mentality derives from their easygoing nature, the Bears’ tendency to go with the flow is driven by loyalty to their loved ones. Make no mistake, Bears have a strong backbone; one which they will readily display if they or their loved ones are in danger—in a Bear’s mind, the latter is more important—or if a value they hold dearly is being challenged.

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