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Personality-based Life Coaching

Mireya T.

Clinical Therapist

“Eric is very skilled at inspiring critical thought and mindful self reflection. He exemplifies how one can enjoy what you do without having to compromise your values and preferences. He thoroughly understands the way your personality influences the way you interact with the world, solve problems, and seek fulfillment. This understanding of core values and motivators is a powerful tool to creating the life you want. His no-BS approach is a perfect counter to those of us (*cough* Pandas) whose anxiety gives us a million excuses not to do something. For every excuse, he has a simple witty comeback that will make you roll your eyes, but realize he’s right.


It’s important to have people in your life who tell you the things you might not want to hear but actually need to hear. These are the people who want to see you grow, and Eric is one of them. He breaks down complicated and anxiety-inducing decisions into logical and practical ones. He has helped me to identify what I need for my work to be fulfilling and meaningful. He’s funny and chill and helped me stop being so hard on myself while moving me to action. I recommend him to anyone who feels lost about their future or who simply wants to level up and become a better version of themselves."

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