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Personality-based Life Coaching

Toros B.

Mathematics Professor

"As a Chimpanzee, my journey to becoming a great community college professor was a fascinating one, marked by a continuous quest for self-improvement. I realized that there was room for growth when it came to connecting with my students on a deeper level. Eric, who had a deep understanding of personality types, played a pivotal role in my transformation. Eric introduced me to the insights of many personality types, which also included the Dolphin (The Teacher). The knowledge from this specific group inspired me to incorporate their empathetic and people-oriented approach into my teaching style. Over time, I transformed my classroom into an inclusive space and made my lessons engaging and relatable.


Learning more about Dolphins and utilizing Eric's guidance allowed me to challenge my students intellectually while also supporting their personal growth. This journey has not only made me a better professor but has also allowed me to make a significant impact in the community college setting, enriching the lives of those I teach."

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