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Personality-based Life Coaching

The Hunters

When it comes to their philosophy on life, Hunters are Epicureans at heart, masters of maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain in all aspects of their lives. They are the free spirits, the rule-benders, the gamblers, and the entertainers; they are the people most likely to skip dinner and go straight to dessert.


Whether you’re watching them from afar--some Hunters might prefer to call it admiring--or interacting with them up close and personal, there is no doubt what their purpose is: to do something worthy of remembrance, or, at the very least, to have fun trying. Spontaneous, action-oriented, free flowing, and audacious, Foxes, Sharks, Peacocks, and Butterflies always seem to bring a needed bit of excitement and cheer wherever they go.

The Fox

Cocky, sly, smooth, and charming, Foxes, like all Hunters, have a natural confidence and grace. Externally, they may appear to be quite similar to the Peacock. However, whereas the Peacock will work hard for the attention they so desperately crave, Foxes seem to attain their popularity effortlessly. In fact, everything about a Fox seems effortless, making them the perfect embodiment of “cool."


The Shark

Sharks are the most active of all the 16 types, which, considering their incredibly active Hunter siblings, is saying something. Few would mistake them for the equally quiet, yet gentle Butterfly, nor would the clever, bend-the-rules mentality they share with the Fox, ever be enough to confuse the Shark’s verbal conciseness with that of the Fox’s verbosity. The aggressive, physical nature of Sharks is so pronounced that it makes them the easiest personality to identify, their actions speaking louder than any words might.

The Peacock

There is no type that shines brighter in the spotlight than the fun-loving, gregarious Peacock. All Hunters love to be excited, but there are two that stand out for their capacity to fully appreciate the world’s sensory pleasures, and no one would ever confuse the flamboyant Peacock with its gentle sibling, the Butterfly. Peacocks demand to be seen and heard, and with their performing talents, they rarely have a problem achieving either.


The Butterfly

One part gentle, one part easy going, with more than a splash of space cadet, the Butterfly can defy all misconceptions of what it means to be a Hunter. In fact, from the outside, they can seem far more similar to their distant Shaman cousin, the Humpback Whale. Not as kinetic or aggressive as the Foxes and Sharks, or dramatic as the Peacock, the Butterfly is a more delicate breed of Epicurean, relishing the simple pleasures of life as they come to them.

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